Enjoy amazing Argentina dove hunting, pigeon hunting, ducks and perdiz through one of 9 Five-Star luxury shooting lodges offered by Wing Shooting Cordoba in both Argentina and Uruguay. Contact Wing Shooting Cordoba for specials, pending dates, availability and group size.

Wing Shooting Cordoba

La Dormida Lodge: The best dove shooting in the World, coupled with the best accommodations. We set out to build the finest dove shooting lodge that could be imagined. Come and tell us if you think we got it right.

Cuisine & Wines

Our guests say that it is difficult for them to describe our shooting to others-- because you cant put the shooting into words, and a still photo doesn’t do it justice. There are just so many doves, every minute of every day. We feel the same way about the dining we provide for our shooting clients--just telling you about it doesn’t scratch the surface. You have to come and shoot with us, and smell the fresh, hot, empanadas steaming in a wicker basket, smell the baby goat or lamb grilling over orange coals, taste the earth in carrots grown in the lodge garden, or the flavor of plums and cinnamon in one of our fine Malbec wines. At La Dormida and Pico Zuro we take your dining experience seriously, and we strive to make every meals as wonderful as every trip to the field.

The big difference at La Dormida and Pico Zuro is that you have choices, and it is both a privilege and an innovation to offer a la carte dining to our shooting guests. No other lodge in the shooting world offers such choices. For breakfast choose eggs prepared any one of six ways. Or perhaps you’d like waffles, porridge, or French toast? Coming right up.

Our field lunches are legendary, and are served al’ fresco in the shooting area each day. Lunch will feature a variety of meats and salads, grilled dove breasts, a fillet or our tender beef, several varieties of our famous sausages, short ribs, plus lamb, grilled chicken or other meats. To the meats we add several salads, bread we make in our own kitchen, plus beverages and a nice desert. Not surprisingly we also bring hammocks to lunch in case you need a little siesta.

The evening meal is a celebration of fine dining, yet in a casual setting, and it is a chance for our in house chefs to really shine. Again, options are ala carte, so if you are enjoying our famous beef and wish to enjoy a steak each evening, we’ll happily grill one to order, but if you’d dare be a bit more adventurous and would wish to try Risotto with calamari ink, or grilled trout with tomato puree, then we’d encourage you to join us with our specialy dishes. Finally, there are the desserts. Each day brings a new creation, from flan to our local delight, dulce de leche, plus fruits, homemade ice creams and pies. 


A special note about our wines. Great wines are part of the Argentine culture, and part of our daily lives. Here in Cordoba, you can buy wines in a convenience store or a gas station. The problem is, many outfitters buy them there, on a shelf next to the wiper blades. That just doesn’t fit. We have partnered with several unique and very special vineyards, and they provide us with wines that join the foods we serve, in harmony. Our cellars are extensive, and we are happy to introduce you to our Malbec wines, which are known throughout the world as an Argentine treasure. Other spirits are also available, but of course we ask you to enjoy in moderation.