Enjoy amazing Argentina dove hunting, pigeon hunting, ducks and perdiz through one of 9 Five-Star luxury shooting lodges offered by Wing Shooting Cordoba in both Argentina and Uruguay. Contact Wing Shooting Cordoba for specials, pending dates, availability and group size.

Wing Shooting Cordoba

Montaraz Lodge: This historical property is an architectural treasure with its own productive vineyard. Along with very short drives within a 50 square mile radius from the lodge.

The Shooting

Decoyed Pigeons are the specialty at Monteraz, and Cordoba is considered one of the best pigeon shooting regions in South America. The 50 square mile area (80 km) around the lodge is annually inhabited by over 5 million pigeons. The lodge enjoys 60 shooting fields all within a scenic drive through the region.

The program generally starts at 8:00 AM with a hearty breakfast and a short drive to the shoot.

In the field you will be assigned a blind or hide , and you’ll be attended by a bird-boy, who will provide you with shot shells and refreshments at your shooting stand. Throughout the shooting session, you’ll be under the watchful eye of your guide, who will be available to assist you with any need.

Depending on the time of the year, you will shoot till noon when you will be treated to a traditional barbeque lunch at the lodge, tasting some of Argentina’s wonderful beef and the exclusive wine.

Afternoons sessions begin at around 2 or 3pm, and they continue until 5 or 6. Return to the lodge for cocktails in the wine cellar followed by dinner.

Wild pigeons are both large and fast, which make calculating their speed and lead bit deceptive. Pigeons are also a wary birs, and there is an element of hunting involved that makes the shooting closer to decoying ducks than shooting doves. Staying hidden and still in a good blind, is the key to success.

Our field staff is familiar with the ways of the wild pigeon, and they’ll build fresh blinds and deploy decoys in the correct fashion to suit the situation.


20 Gauge Berettas over & under. Models: Silver pigeon 28 inch barrel; single trigger and non automatic safety; 686 and 687 26 inch barrel.